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Ahammed Siraj K K
(Associate Professor)

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2019 Even Semester

B. Tech.  S6D

CS302 Design and Analysis of Algorithms

B. Tech.  S4D

CS232 Free and Open Source Software Lab

M. Tech. CSIP M2

03CS6902 Mini Project

M. Tech. CSIP Coordinator

2018 Odd Semester

B. Tech.  S3C

CS201  Discrete Computational Structures

B. Tech.  S3D

CS231 Data Structures Lab

M. Tech. CSIP M3

03CS7903 Seminar II

If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all - Noam Chomsky

For the kind attention of students:

It is to suggest some guidelines regarding the interaction with me.

1. I have not given my mobile number to students. So, I don't like to be contacted by students through my cellphone, of course except in a situation of utmost urgency.

2. Instead, the students or the parents can liberally communicate with me via email or in person.
3. I have no objection in being contacted on my mobile phone by the parents. In such cases it could preferably be after 4 PM from Monday to Thursday. 

4. When the students are sending me various documents via email state who are you (Name, Course (B.Tech/M.Tech), Branch, Semester, Roll Number etc.) and what document you are sending.

5. Students may meet me only during their free time. Do not meet me by abstaining from your class sessions. I am normally available at my cabin up to 6PM on Monday to Thursday.  Preferably, mail me beforehand to fix an appointment. Also, I am at my seat normally for the entire lunch break, Monday to Thursday. B. Tech. students may meet me during this time.

7. M. Tech. students please avoid meeting me during lunch break, as some B. Tech. students used to visit me during this interval.